02 Mar 2021

This podcast is a check-in — How are you doing? How are you building resilience in your life? This week, I was thinking about Narcissus […]

04 Nov 2020

The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man without trials ~ Confucius Avoiding adversity is taking away one of the opportunities to experience your […]

02 Nov 2020

In some sense, a crisis is natural process of maturation. Each time you run or exercise, you put yourself through a degree of stress, but […]

08 Aug 2020

The year 2020 showed business owners, CEOs and boards across the world the value of the business continuity plans that were dusted off and put […]

15 Jun 2020

When I think about resilience, I consider historic figures, family members, and contemporary mentors who model this quality. Alongside this key quality, these folks also […]

15 Jun 2020

When you consider the current environment— political and social polarization, the pandemic, economic recession, global tensions— resilience must be a preeminent quality in our organizations […]

15 Jun 2020

An organization’s financial health is tied inextricably to the community’s overall health and resilience and vice versa. And, both require a laser like focus on […]

17 Apr 2020

Over the course of a year, an organization will ebb and flow, just as our earthly days flow between night and day and back to […]

20 Feb 2019

Those fish are all going to die. That is what happens when there are too many fish in the fish bowl…they die. Plain and simple, […]

20 Feb 2019

It is difficult—close to impossible—to navigate the subway system in Tokyo if you cannot read Japanese. No matter how smart you are, you need to […]