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Who Do You NOT Get?

Have you ever heard the story about the recovering alcoholic vegetarian who got a steak and bottle of wine from her employer each year? (Hint: They didn’t know her at all.) 

We want to think that the people we work with will say, “My boss really gets me.” No one wants to think that we’re misunderstood by our team. 

But do they really know us? And do they wonder if we understand them in return? 

Maybe we should ask a better question – how do we KNOW that we get them? 

One of the (many) reasons teams use the WHY.os discovery to boost their collaboration is that this simple, fun, and insightful process gives you actionable insight into WHY your team members do what they do.

At a recent team event, we looked at each person’s WHY. The leader of the organization has the WHY of Clarify, which means they like to ask LOTS of questions. And as we were talking about connecting with people based on their unique WHY, the entire room said, “THAT is why she asks so many questions!” The entire team was able to reframe this trait from something that was frustrating to one of her strengths. 

This type of breakthrough happens at every team event because the WHY.os Discovery is the most accurate way to truly understand the people you work with. 

If you find yourself struggling to connect with a team member, this is both powerful and valuable. Instead of relying on our personal feelings, the WHY.os Discovery reveals how we’re wired in a tangible way. We stop writing people off so we can uncover a shared path that draws on everyone’s strengths in a sustainable way. 

In other words, we quit sending them steak and wine and start sending them what they want – perhaps figs and Gerolsteiner water. 


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