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The Power of Discovering Your WHY

As a coach, speaker, and author dedicated to fostering resilience within teams and communities, I’ve talked to so many people seeking to unravel the true motivations behind their actions. It’s not uncommon for our conversations to begin with something they want. 

They want to get out of debt or take a trip to Italy or put their kids through college. (And all of those are great goals.) 

But what I’ve learned is there is a deeper, more profound layer to finding our WHY that most people are unaware of. And it’s this understanding that unlocks your true potential and ignites your passion for everything you do. 

For example, I recently had a conversation with someone who had the goal of improving their health. When I asked them about their WHY, they told me about wanting to run a marathon. But this is what I call the WHY of something. If there’s anything my work with the WHY Institute has taught me, it’s that we need to find out our motivation for everything

It’s not enough to just focus on discovering the WHY of one specific area in your life. I help people to dive deep into how they approach every situation and why that lights them up. So instead of focusing on running the marathon, we talk about the joy it brings you to find a better, more effective way to train. 

It sounds like such a simple mindset shift but it’s really a life-changing distinction. 

Because then you’re able to peel back the layers to discover all the ways you try to find a better way in different situations. As you start to see the connections, you’re able to use this understanding to improve every area of your life. 

The path to discovering your true WHY begins now. Through the WHY.os Discovery, I help people unlock their purpose so they have a deeper understanding of WHY they do what they do. 

Don’t wait another moment. Ignite your curiosity, fuel your purpose, and unveil the power of your authentic motivations. Your journey towards a more purposeful and fulfilling life starts with understanding the WHY that fuels it all. Embrace the adventure today. It’s about EVERYTHING…not just something.


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