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Doing Things Because They Are Hard

What are you doing right now that is hard? 

A few years ago, I started doing handstands. I intentionally chose this challenge because they are difficult for me…but they also remind me that I can do hard things.  It goes back to John Kennedy’s famous speech. We chose to go to the moon…not because it was easy but because it is HARD. It helps us to see what we are capable of when we take on a goal that reveals both audacity and vulnerability. 

When we choose goals that are challenging, we’re able to organize and measure our energy and skills. They provide an opportunity to prove that we can challenge ourselves to do meaningful and important things. 

I do handstands because they are hard. It’s difficult for me to locate the point of sustained balance [sweet spot], even though I’ve taken classes and built my strength. I always need a little help. The act of doing a handstand is a reminder that doing hard things is satisfying. (And it can also serve as a reminder that reaching our goals completely can take a long time.)

Do yourself a favor, take a moment to ask yourself, “What am I doing today that’s hard?”

If everything in your life is difficult, that doesn’t get you anywhere. But it’s also true that if nothing in our lives is hard, we’re not living a satisfying life either. This is your reminder to choose something that makes you stretch, challenges you, and helps foster your resilience. 

For me, that’s doing a handstand.


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