History of The Resilience Initiative

Our work in RESILIENCE began with the publication of my book “Mine, Our, and Yours: A Father’s Journey through the Life and Death of a Child”. Groundbreaking and powerful work with Diana David Wu’s Futureproof tribe tightened the focus on resilience. Our podcast, publishing, speaking, and coaching weaves a potent outreach that supports resilience around the world.

The Resilience Initiative builds and researches RESILIENCE to enhance emotional, physical, and financial health. Our 5 3 1 plan to build resilience incorporates the triad of inner circle, community, and core belief. Udemy classes and presentations promote this plan as a simple yet remarkable emotional foundation. “Resilience: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Made Us Wiser and Stronger” harnessed the best thinking from around the world to promote forward growth from the pandemic.

I help Bereaved Fathers move forward from traumatic loss toward new resilient lives.

Dr. H. Watson Jordan II

Dr. Jordan is the author of Mine, Ours, and Yours: A Father’s Journey through the Life and Death of a Child, a book that explores tragic despair and unearths hopeful resilience. As Executive Director of The Resilience Initiative, he is currently promoting resilience around the world and is known for his headstand to raise awareness. A lifelong educator, Dr. Jordan has developed and led programs in technology, safety, integrity, and wellness. He has worked with boards, school heads, senior administrators, faculty, students, and parents in all phases of tactical thinking, strategic planning, and expert implementation.

  • Resilience: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Made Us Wiser and Stronger – 2021
  • Mine, Ours, and Yours: A Father’s Journey through the Life and Death of a Child – 2019
  • Ed.D. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona 2007
    Dissertation explores the benefit of study time in a copy-and-paste encoding environment
  • Innovation and Creativity, J.F, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 2000
  • MBA. Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 1991
  • Common Market Study. St. Peter’s College, Oxford University, Oxford, England. 1990.
  • BA History. Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina. 1985

Dr. Jordan is happily married with two children and two dogs in Asheville, North Carolina.

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Logo?

The name of our podcast is #Resilience and is a nod of appreciation and admiration to the remarkable Regina Larko. Regina is a world-famous podcaster in Hong Kong whose show #IMPACT is the model for our podcasting effort and enthusiasm.

The three circles in our logo symbolize our focus on Emotional, Physical, and Financial health. We believe health in these three areas is the starting point for a rich full RESILIENT life.