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What Is Your Fuel?

Fitness is a huge part of my life. I actively participate in Kenzai, which is a unique program that matches you with a small group of people from around the world on the same journey to go through the exercise program together.

I often think about a chant one of my teammates shared with me – jiāyóu. It means to add gasoline to a vehicle but it’s definitely more metaphorical than literal. It’s commonly used as a simple way to remind us to persist, to not give up.

There are times when we say things like, “I’m running on empty.” That is when we need help from our community, friends, and loved ones. Whether it’s more calories, encouragement, rest, or (in most cases) expert insight, advice, and assistance.

We need someone to chant more fuel…persistyou can keep going.

This makes me wonder what type of fuel is the best to get us going each day.

I recently read The Earned Life: Lose Regret, Choose Fulfillment by Marshall Goldsmith. In it, he talks about memories or dreams as fuel.

Our memories constantly have us looking backward into the past. And this is a great place to discover your WHY. We can find insight into what we’ve done before that helps us unlock our zone of genius.

However, looking backward is not the place to build momentum. In fact, Goldsmith says it’s actually a great place to start erosion. Memories are us taking our foot off the gas pedal, which can easily lead to putting our foot on the brake.

In other words, memory-based fuel is the echo of the action, not the action we need to take to move things forward.

Instead, we need to look to our dreams to build our momentum. We need to look to our hopes for the future, our desire for adventure, and our ability to overcome each challenge we face. 

What fuel have you been putting into your tank recently? 

I hope it’s been dreams. When you hear the chant…jiāyóu…reach for your dreams.

If you want someone to help you make your dreams come true, click here. My specialty is helping people to find a better way to make their goals a reality. 



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