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Go with the Flow:
Embracing Change like a Desert in Bloom

Change is a tricky thing. We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t fight water.” It’s a pretty solid piece of advice, mainly coming from the folks in roofing and plumbing who know that when water wants to go somewhere, you’re better off guiding where you want it to go rather than battling it head-on. But there’s a twist to this old saying that got me thinking.

Consider the desert, a place where water is a rare sight for most of the year. It’s a tough environment, but when the rain finally does come, magic happens. The desert bursts into life, and it’s a sight to behold, even if it’s brief. The desert doesn’t fight the water; it welcomes it and thrives.

Now, think about your life. Sometimes, you’ll face challenges that feel insurmountable, like you’re trying to fight an unstoppable force. But maybe some of those challenges aren’t meant to be fought. They’re opportunities in disguise. Instead of resisting change, we should be like the desert – prepared to embrace opportunity when the moment comes.

This idea is closely tied to our mission at the Resilience Initiative. We help individuals and teams discover their WHY and fortify their resilience. What I’ve learned is that resilience isn’t just about bouncing back from tough times; it’s about thriving when the moment is right.

The desert teaches us that readiness is the key to success. When the optimal conditions align, you have the chance to shine. It’s not about fighting change but about recognizing the right time to flourish and seizing the opportunity.

Be like the desert – be ready, and when your moment arrives, don’t fight it, jump right in. Success follows those who embrace change with an open mind and an enthusiastic spirit.

Are you ready for the rain when it comes? And it is coming!


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