Learning to Trust Your WHY

This week’s guest is Bella Sanchez. She believes success happens when we create relationships based upon trust. HOW she does that is by making sense of the complicated or challenging and ultimately WHAT she brings is a simple solution. 

Bella was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She went to college at Colorado State University and studied Apparel and Merchandising as well as Business. She has since worked for JobZology, a tech startup, Orangetheory Fitness and currently WHY Institute as a Content Creator and Marketer. Her passions include cooking intricate meals (MUST be spicy), any form of fitness from HIIT classes to yoga, piano, golf, and the occasional attempt at making people laugh.


Connect with Bella: 

Website: whyinsitute.com 

Instagram: @whyinstitute

Bella has a special offer for our listeners! If you want to discover your WHY, get 50% off your assessment with code Pod50. Go to www.whyinstitute.com to claim the offer. 


Connect with Watson:


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