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 Dr. Gary Sanchez is an international speaker and author. He is the founder of the WHY Institute and is best known for discovering the 9 WHY’s and developing the WHY.os (WHY Operating System). Through the WHY Institute, Dr. Sanchez created the world’s first WHY Discovery tool to help people quickly and accurately discover their WHY in under five minutes. 

Gary’s personal journey took him from being a struggling dentist for finding success and becoming WHY obsessed. He’s helped hundreds of thousands of people to discover their WHY by creating software to impact 1 billion people. In 2021, the WHY Institute launched the WHY.os Discovery, which helps people to quickly and easily discover their WHY, HOW, and WHAT so they can create a personalized brand message unique to them. 

About the show

The Podcast #Resilience explores resilience through inspirational stories and straightforward ideas. Season 3 explores how discovering our WHY creates a solid foundation for a resilient life. With each episode, you can learn one more thing about resilience and how you can develop it. Our BIG IDEA is that you can learn how to be more resilient. Our promise is that our 5-3-1 plan will help you, our listeners, develop and retain resilience.

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