#Resilience Podcast

This episode is a collaboration with Alethea Bleyberg, the Bloom Innovation Program Coordinator, and her students Michael, Aiden, and Jayden. Their school, Baker and Bloom in Hong Kong, had a winter term Resilience Project and this podcast is the product of their work. The podcast is a combination of the 3 podcast recordings.

To learn more about Baker and Bloom go to https://www.bakerandbloom.com/

About the show

The Podcast #Resilience explores resilience through inspirational stories and straightforward ideas. Season 3 explores how discovering our WHY creates a solid foundation for a resilient life. With each episode, you can learn one more thing about resilience and how you can develop it. Our BIG IDEA is that you can learn how to be more resilient. Our promise is that our 5-3-1 plan will help you, our listeners, develop and retain resilience.

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