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Where Does Hope Live?

We can all agree that our supply of hope dwindled during the pandemic. It was challenging to stay positive when surrounded by so much fear and uncertainty.

During that time, I found myself wondering, “Where does hope go when I can’t find it?”

The answer is simple: It goes HOME.
Which begs the question – WHERE DOES HOPE LIVE?

When it’s difficult to find hope, just look to the communities you belong to. Hope is fed through these connections. The Connection enables HOPE to grow strong and become powerful.

When the world shut down, I wasn’t able to go to Hot Yoga Asheville, which is one of the communities I love to participate in. There were outside classes and you could also participate online. It’s true that these were better than nothing. But they did not feed my soul like classic in-person gatherings.

It is difficult for communities to grow, thrive, and expand when there is no physical gathering. It is harder for hope to take root and thrive.

In yoga class, I see people doing things I would like to do. I can visualize what it would look like to do it…and just like that, a dream is born. For example, I hope that one day I will be able to do a handstand. Each week I work on my handstand and make progress, in large part because I’m surrounded by people who are able to do them skillfully. Witnessing their success fills me with hope.

At the Resilience Initiative, we teach the critical importance of hope and that it lives in our communities. When I participate in Hot Yoga Asheville, Kenzai online fitness, and the Future Proof tribe in Hong Kong, I find inspiration and support that provides hope for the future.

Where do you think HOPE lives?

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