James Madison – The WHY of Better Way

James Madison – The WHY of Better Way

James Madison is Founder, Speaker, Trainer and Coach at On Purpose Life, LLC where he helps executives become more effective and inspiring leaders.  He has a wealth of leadership wisdom, business experience and a genuine passion for guiding leaders to maximize business performance.

In 30 years of leadership, James has professionally developed leaders for successful careers while achieving work life integration for maximum personal fulfilment.  James is passionate about igniting the spark in others to learn, grow and develop to reach their highest potential.  He believes that when you live “In Purpose On Purpose” you will never work another day in your life!

James is an Army veteran who served in Germany and participated in Operation Desert Storm. Additionally, he grew up as an “Army Brat” residing in numerous locations, including Belgium, Paris, Germany, New York, and Arizona.

After serving in the military, he spent 25 years in supply chain leadership, operations management, and customer development roles for Fortune 500 companies.  Most recently, he was a managing director at a leading executive search firm before being led into executive and leadership coaching full time.

James is married to his bride Kimberly of 7 years and together they have a blended family of 5 children.  His focus on Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Fun are the keys to his success and happiness in life.

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