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Heather Parks is the manager of Hot Yoga Asheville. After many years of practice and being in the HYA community as a student, she found herself employed not only as an instructor but also as the manager. Her ultimate goal as a leader is to make sure that the company’s culture is something you can feel, whether you are a part of the staff, community, or someone on the outside looking in. She wants Hot Yoga Asheville to exude happiness, support, and love. She believes that when you experience inclusive leadership behaviors and systems, they are better poised to speak up, share ideas, and adapt to change. 

About the show

The Podcast #Resilience explores resilience through inspirational stories and straightforward ideas. Season 3 explores how discovering our WHY creates a solid foundation for a resilient life. With each episode, you can learn one more thing about resilience and how you can develop it. Our BIG IDEA is that you can learn how to be more resilient. Our promise is that our 5-3-1 plan will help you, our listeners, develop and retain resilience.

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