The importance of community during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ward Willis is the Director of Training for the Kenzai fitness community. While most fitness communities rely on a physical space to gather, Ward and the Kenzai team have been virtual from the very beginning of Kenzai which was almost a decade ago.

But, as physical communities began to close their doors due to the pandemic, the idea of a virtual community has helped Kenzai grow and flourish like never before. In addition to bettering their bodies, Kenzai community members are also gaining structure in their life with daily tasks and check-ins.

Kenzai is improving the human condition, and Ward is following his mantra of “Have a good time all the time.” While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges, it has proven how important our community really is.

Learn more about the resilience in Ward and Kenzai in this week’s podcast.

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