Grateful for everything and entitled to nothing

When Stacey Copas was 12 years old, an accident left her quadriplegic. After wrestling with a new reality, she learned that resilience can be proactive, and we can respond to adversities in new ways if resilience is at the forefront.

Although certainly different from the feelings Stacey felt all those years ago, the pandemic has also caused us all to adapt — and adapt quickly — to a new reality. A mantra has helped Stacey all these years, and one that we can adopt today and every day: “I’m grateful for everything, and entitled to nothing.”

Resilience is at the forefront since the pandemic’s start, and we hope it will never go away. Resilience is not coping, rather it is growing, and as we get ready for the first day of spring, may we reflect on the way nature shows us the power of resilience. We must continue to grow, or we will wilt.

Learn more about the resilience in Stacey’s life in this week’s podcast.

Listen to Stacey’s episode now!

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