The Sun Never Sets on Resilience – Hong Kong

In honor of the release of “Resilience: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Made Us Wiser and Stronger,” I hosted three events on Tuesday, June 8. The Sun Never Sets on Resilience events consisted of book readings from authors, discussion and a renewed sense of the importance of resilience in our most difficult times.

The first session of the day was at 7:30pm Hong Kong. In this episode, you’ll hear the conversations from that session. Dr. Robin Kennish, Corporate Sustainability & Climate Change Lead for ERM, reads his essay first: “Environmental Resilience.” Ching Yng Choi, founder of Organic Yoga Girl, will read her essay next, titled “Virus Shame.” To end the event, Sandhya Krishnan will read “Love is What We are Born With,” her beautiful essay for the book.

Click here to hear the podcast!

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