International Students-Staying on Campus During Holiday Break

If you’re an international student you may not be able to get home and will stay on campus for the break. You may be feeling a sense of loneliness and homesickness. Here are some ideas of how to better manage your stay.

Find other students who are staying for the holidays-you are not alone, most likely there are other international students staying on campus. Do this now so you can make plans with each other.

Request a care package from home with something from each member of your family.

Volunteer at a charity to take some time to help those who are less fortunate. Helping those in need makes people feel good.

Make concrete plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve-Make plans with others and find events you can join in on. Check out your international student center to find events.

Just because you may be alone on campus during the winter break does not mean that you need to feel lonely. Often international students find a new type of family – a family forged out of friendship and kindness – and make their college town a home away from home.

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