Using Brain Science to Build Resilience and Foster Mental Health

Donna Volpitta has used the characters in her Pathways to Empower program for over 10 years. Characters like the ant, grasshopper, glowworm and dragonfly have helped her teach not only her own children, but now children across the country the importance of mental health and how to have a conversation about it.

And by children, we don’t mean elementary-school aged kids. Donna serves kids of all ages: K-12 and college. She launched Pathways to Empower in January of last year, right before the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide resources to help people learn how to build resilience and foster mental health.

“We tell toddlers all the time, ‘use your words.’ The truth is they don’t have them. They don’t know how to say the things we want them to so we need to descriptive, we need to give them language to be able to handle the challenges. That’s what resilience is, right? To be able to handle the challenges.”

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