When I introduce the Lucrotec bill paying innovation a common question is, “What differentiates Lucrotec?” I Love that question. The quick answer, “We we enroll your vendors for you and work with all four credit card networks.” This enables our Intelligent Payment Platform to deliver more than any other payables service on Earth.

We enroll your vendors for you! You tell us who they are and our proprietary Intelligent Payment Portal finds the best way to pay them. Cash Rebates increase two ways…this is the first. How many of your vendors can we pay lucratively? It is a full time job for us and our system works day in and day out to discover the optimal payment method – it literally never quits refining the payment modality. As the payable landscape evolves… more and more vendors are easier to work with.

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The second way rebates increase is Lucrotec’s full participation on the global financial super highway. We work with all four credit card networks: AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. This provides the maximum opportunity for rebates. These four networks coupled with our complete assortment of payment tools provide the maximum opportunity for your Revenue. The revenue stream we provide is often 2X the competition.

Lastly – there is NO out of pocket cost for out service…Fantastic!

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