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#Resilience Blog Why Quitting Isn’t Always the Answer Have you ever felt like quitting? Have you ever been faced with a challenge that seemed too […]

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#Resilience Blog Quiet Quitting vs Loud Upgrading: Which One Is Better for Your Life? Have you ever heard of the term “quiet quitting”? It’s a […]

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#Resilience Podcast Connect with Robbie Today’s guest Robbie Samuels has been recognized as a networking expert by NPR, PCMA, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Inc, […]

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#Resilience Blog Really Really Understanding How We Communicate Photo Credit: Evoke Emotion Photography I was on a retreat in Costa Rica with Hot Yoga Asheville […]

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If you’ve been reading my blog posts recently, you know that I’ve been in a period of transition that has left me feeling particularly reflective. And these posts have obviously been resonating with many of you as well because I’ve had some great responses I wanted to share.

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I find great inspiration from studying belief systems from around the world. In 2022, I looked specifically at Hinduism…and it was not like anything I’d looked at before.

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Knowing when to take an uncompromising stance and what isn’t worth sacrificing our beliefs for is a major life skill.

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#Resilience Podcast This episode is a collaboration with Alethea Bleyberg, the Bloom Innovation Program Coordinator, and her students Michael, Aiden, and Jayden. Their school, Baker […]

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#Resilience Blog The Importance of Staying in the Game Years ago, my friend Frank said something that has stuck with me ever since: “The universe […]

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#Resilience Blog Should You Really Follow Your Bliss? For years, I’ve heard people say, “You just need to follow your bliss.” And that sounds nice… […]