Larry died today. I am sad.

Put my head on the desk and cry sad.

There is a game called the boat. It is a simple game. Fun to play while waiting for dinner at a restaurant. When my friends from school get together we often play the boat. The idea is you pick five people that you would WANT in a boat if you were stranded far from land.

Everyone always picked Larry first…every time. You might think it was because of his outdoor survival expereince and skill. While this did not hurt. I don’t think that was the reason. He was so solid – so secure in who he was. I don’t think he could panic, even if he wanted to to. The adults could sense this. But at a school the real test is the students. The students can smell fear and they can spot a fake in an instant.

Likewise they recognize competence and authenticity just as quickly. This was the case with Larry. He was revered.

I will miss him. In the world where sudden celebrity death creates a media storm. I wish, just this once, that a passing of a man like Larry would elicit the same echo.

He was the REAL deal…a man in full…in a world where those qualities are uncommon and hard to find.

I miss him. I miss knowing he was on Earth with me. I feel fortunate that I knew him.

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  • Great reflection Watson, if you were one of the lucky ones to have know Larry you’re a better person for it. Cherish the memories of him, he was one of a kind.

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