Organizational Sustainability

When you consider the current environment— political and social polarization, the pandemic, economic recession, global tensions— resilience must be a preeminent quality in our organizations and communities if they are to have healthy and sustainable futures! Indeed, resilience is required at all levels of our organizations— within all individuals, within small and large teams , and within the overall culture.

This kind of comprehensive resilience across all aspects of an organization must be intentionally, actively, and constantly cultivated through continuous education and professional development, team building, community building, and first rate, ongoing communication AND listening! Specific and regular conversation must take place concerning our most important purposes and goals. If resilience is as important as we think it is, very concrete discussion must take place about how we can effectively encourage and nurture that absolutely essential quality which will be critical to our long term success and viability.

Billy Peebles
June 8, 2020

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